DMP Statistical Solutions

Statistical consulting

Statistical Programming

DMP offer a range of statistical programming services. We can provide custom-coded solutions in SAS, R, S-plus, SPSS, Matlab, Visual Basic. This may comprise of statistical simulations, maintenance/updating of legacy code & statistical modelling.

Typical examples include:

  • Custom R/S-plus functions or SAS MACRO.
  • Customised data importing, restructuring, investigating, cleaning and outputting.
  • Custom-coded statistical methods for a specific type of data and application e.g. a spline regression model with bootstrapped confidence intervals.
  • Code to import & clean data from a specific source, followed by model specification and selection, & the presentation of model estimates and inferential summaries.
  • Transposing code from one analysis language to another e.g. Matlab or SAS code into R or vice-versa.
  • C+ routines for computational bottlenecks, subsequently called from other analysis packages.
  • Statistical simulations to investigate different management scenarios, risk mitigation, or the power ofan existing/proposed data collection process to answer specific questions.
  • Validation/replication of outputs from other analyses.

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Customer / Brand Equity Modelling

DMP provide annually updated statistical models for this software package, based on annually revised survey information

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For example, the Strangford Lough data comprise of continual observer sightings of marine mammals and birds

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Trial Analysis

DMP provide the analysis for regular cosmeceutical trials conducted by a UK-based trials unit, the end clients

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