DMP Statistical Solutions

Statistical consulting

Previous / Existing Clients

  • TNS, TNSConversa
  • Alba Science
  • Aurora Environmental
  • Bioconsult
  • Texaco
  • The London Fire Brigade
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)
  • EMU
  • M&G Investments


  • Telecom NZ/Australia
  • Cawthron Institute
  • Ministry of Fisheries NZ (MFish)
  • University of Auckland
  • Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI)
  • European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
  • Forewind
  • SMRU Ltd

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Customer / Brand Equity Modelling

DMP provide annually updated statistical models for this software package, based on annually revised survey information

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For example, the Strangford Lough data comprise of continual observer sightings of marine mammals and birds

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Trial Analysis

DMP provide the analysis for regular cosmeceutical trials conducted by a UK-based trials unit, the end clients

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